Waylons lack

A picture of Waylon, token from his own website

This evening Waylon performs on the Eurovision songcontest a song called: Outlaw in ’em. When you read the lyrics of this song you will find deep questions in it. It’s like the song of Douwe Bob a couple of years ago. I wrote a blogpost about it.

A biblical line between whiskey, and water, into wine.

When you listen to the first verse, you’ll hear the sentence:  It’s a fine line between whiskey, and water, into wine. Change water into wijn makes me thinking of the story from the Gospel: The wedding in Cana. At this weddingparty there wasn’t wine anymore. The good atmosphere was gone. Wine is a sign of good life. Jesus restored the good life because he changed big jars filled with water into wine. This line in Waylons song contains a biblical reference. Beautiful to hear. 

A long way home, a way of conversion?

A little bit further Waylon sings: It’s a long way home, when you’re down and out here on your own.
It is true that when you are depressed, the way home is very long. This is also so a biblical sentence.  When you’re disappointed or knocked down, a christian knows that he is welcome in the house of the heavenly Father. But when we want to be there, we have to convert ourselves. We have to trust in God. He shall bring us home.

Waylon says: we have to do it ourselves

In the song there is no sign of that trust in God. No, we have an outlaw or a rebel in ourselves. He says: You ain’t gonna let nobody keep you down. The words are beautiful, but there is a lack. A thing Waylon doesn’t mention.

God raises us. 

As believers in the Lord, we can trust in His Love. When we feel depressed, God raises us to the light. It doesn’t depend on us, but on God. Gods love won’t make us an outlaw, but a beloved child of the Eternal.

When I know that, the song of Waylon is a nice song to listen. Maybe it will got some points this evening.

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