Gods presence in times of COVID-19

Your name is who you are. Artists take a name and sometimes they change it. For example: Prince who changed his name into The Artist. When there is a person called by his name in the Bible, his name is equal to his mission. The name of our Lord “Jesus” means: “God saves!” and that is exactly why he came on earth: To save us. The name of God himself means: “I shall be there”. Jewish people do not pronounce His holy name. But they only write it down: YHWH.

A mysterious name

The exact meaning of Gods name is unknown. It is a unsure form of the verb: “to be”. We know fortunately that the characters are telling us who God is. God is the god who wants to be with us. He wants to live in our lifes. Until death ánd after death.

To be

I’m longing for to people to be in my life, in my home. In this days of social distancing, I need personal contact. Two months without a handshake or a pat on my back is much to long. The last touch I’ve got from a human being was on the 12th of march. At a funeral in our church. That same evening the government proclaims that it was forbidden to shake hands and we had to hold distance, 1 and a half meter.
At the service we sang “Wat de toekomst brenge moge”. A dutch song about Gods leading presence in our life. He takes us by our hands to his future. In this video from youtube you can listen to it.

Don’t be afraid

It seems that COVID-19 is everywhere. People are afraid: Can I be safe? Can I keep my job? Can I visit my family? I do understand the fear. But at Easter, the feast of resurrection we celebrate Gods presence on earth, in life and when we die. So then we don’t have to fear. Even when we are longing for people on our side, God shall be there. His love shall carry us. During the funeral I already mentioned we also sang “Thine be the glory”. The song shows us that we can trust in our risen conquering Lord.

To be there for others

One and a half meter is far away when you need a shoulder or consolation. We’ve used to think that phone and computer couldn’t replace a normal meeting with another person. But in the last month we’ve experienced the opposite. Also this week I was allowed to give friend a little of love, a little of comfort through listening by phone, through laughing and discussing by skype. I think in such a way God is in our midst digitally.