Douwe Bob’s prayer

Douwe Bob is slowing down, fishing in Sweden.
Douwe Bob is slowing down, fishing in Sweden.

Tonight we all can watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Douwe Bob will sing his song “Slow Down, brother”. It is a very nice result for a Dutch contestant. Participate in a such a contest can be very stressful. You have to performance everywhere and you have to rehearse also.
Douwe Bob’s song is a protest against such a busy life.

The Prayer of Douwe Bob

The song is about rest and quietness in a busy life. Slow down brother…
When you listen carefully, it seems to be a prayer. Slow down brother is like the words of Jesus, to go to your closet and shut your door. He tells us in the gospel of Matthew.
In the song “Slow down” there is also a part about asking for help.

Mister, can you help me
Cause it seems I’ve been lead astray
I keep searching for an answer
For a way
Won’t you help me?

Douwe Bob is searching for an answer, a way to go. Who can be the “mister” in the song? A random person? Maybe it is a vicar or a pastor. Or could it be God Himself?
I doubt whether Douwe Bob means God when he sings: “mister”. But it is a possibility.

Jesus says “Slow down, brother!”

Does the “mister” answer the question of Douwe Bob with the words: “Slow down, brother”?
As a christian religious person I imagine I can pray the text to Jesus: “Can you help me?”
Jesus could answer me:  Slow down, brother…
Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, but He is also our Brother. We are together children of God our father.

I think He asks us to search for a quiet place. We have to think about the things that are most important in our life. Take time for God, time for our neighbours. That is more important than fighting for our own concern, more important than the desires of the world.
Slow down, it’s a Christian vision.

Live with the Spirit!

Douwe Bob wants to find a way. This weekend is also the weekend of Pentecost.  Pentecost made the disciples going into the world and telling all the people about the resurrection of Christ and the freedom in faith. After our prayer in silence, it’s time to speak. I wish we can be happy in our faith, like Eurovisionfans are tonight when they watch the performers.

This is a translation of a Dutch blog. I apologise, my English isn’t very good.